What do you know about the Common Core?

17 Sep

As an educator we all try to stay abreast of the newest ideas and “buzz words”.  Right now Common Core Standards is a “buzz word” that you need to place in your vocabulary. 

Many states have signed on to these Common Core Standards that have been developed over the last 2 years or more.   They are the result of a national effort and will be the basis for changes in curriculum, assessment, and textbook development.  If you are familiar with state standards, this will be replacing them in many situations. 

ASCD is one of the Associations that will be working to deliver professional development around them.  Schools and classroom teachers need to take the Common Core Standards and translate them into good instruction.  Look for ideas and opportunities to explore how.  Not all is new, but it is a new national effort!  They may function well in your curriculum as a set of benchmarks.



2 responses to “What do you know about the Common Core?

  1. cccollaborative

    October 26, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    I just read a great article or letter from Harvard regarding the myths about Common Core Standards at . You may want to read it and compare how you think about it. Do you agree with the Harvard educators?

  2. Michel Wendell

    September 21, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    The ASCD is such a respected educational organization that we would be foolish not to capitalize on the outstanding intellectual resources it provides in order to develop a “common” curriculum of our own.

    It seems to me that we could eliminate much of the competitiveness amongst our schools by developing a common curriculum. Yet, each school could also maintain its own special charism.

    Perhaps not a really easy task, but certainly one that could be accomplished. We might even make ourselves stronger in the “competitive” field with the charter schools.

    Just a thought.


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