Twitter – do you need to tweet?

05 Oct

Since I don’t have a smart phone I didn’t see a purpose to Twitter!  However, I think I just read 10 reasons why perhaps I should and maybe you should! 

Once again I have been challenged by a fellow educator in her blog post on Whatedsaid.  I believe in always learning and the reasons she gives seem to be right on the learning side.  Wouldn’t it open up the world for me if I tweeted with educators around the world?  What do you think about the reasons given?  Are you in agreement or do you think it can be done well in another media?

Do you twitter?  Have you used it to generate responses about how to grow as a teacher?  I think we need to get out from behind our classroom door and learn from one another.  If you aren’t learning everyday, are you really an educator?

So I know I won’t be getting a smart phone – I suppose I will need to try using twitter on my desktop!  I will not continue to be one of those teachers that hasn’t used Twitter for myself.  I think we may Need to Tweet!

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