Students need to work to build Executive Function

07 Oct

In order to be successful, all of us need to develop Executive Function skills.  It is what allows you to make connections and apply learning.  You probably use the skill even when you are not aware.  Did you ever consider if this is innate or if it is learned?

According to brain based learning theorists, you can have help building executive function.  Do you help students build it?  Is it a hard thing to incorporate, does it take another piece of the school day?

Read the article in Edutopia by Judy Willis, Three Brain-based Teaching Strategies to build Executive Function in Students.  There are some simple great ideas there that would give your lessons a lift.  Your students will learn without preaching.  Someday they may be seen as an inventor, entrepreneur, or great educator! 

In my world, I see educators as great Executives – always making connections and always learning!



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