Do you know your neighbors – do your students?

13 Oct

I am quite excited about the opportunity that is described in this post in one of the blogs I follow.  It explains a great way for anyone to get to know their neighbors – around the world. 

In the classrooms of today it is absolutely necessary for us to give up worksheets and flat maps and learn from primary sources.  These primary sources can be the people around the world.  Let’s not have our students “read about” someone, let them speak to someone.  Even relatives around their own country to begin with is a beginning.

Are you working to develop 21st century skills – the 4 Cs (Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation) – in your classroom.  Or are we still encouraging 20th century pen and pencil tasks?  We like to think we are, can we share how with other teachers?

Is there an educator out there that can provide a project for their students to ask their own questions and seek answers by connecting with students in another state, country, or continent.  Let’s hear from you.  Take up the challenge.  Skype is one way, there are others.  Money is not a deterrent here, because many of these “connections” are free.


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