Challenging the Advanced or Gifted Student

21 Oct

We believe every student is “gifted” but we have to admit that some students are well “advanced”.  Well the question for every teacher is “How do I meet the advanced student’s needs”?  How do I add challenge to their day? 

We want to make sure that students are not losing ground while they are in the classroom.  Believe it or not, there are test scores that demonstrate that advanced students often lose ground as they progress through the middle grades.  Is that progress? 

That is definitely not the purpose of education.  Would a whiz kid in Math be better off not coming to class?  Would an avid scientist be better off at home?  Do they just mark time in the classroom?  How do you challenge them in your classroom?  Doing more of the same is not a challenge, it’s boring!

Here are five strategies for teaching in a regular classroom that might reverse that trend:Curriculum Compacting, Flexible Grouping, Product Choices, Tiered Assignments, and Multi-level learning Stations.  They are all tools that are promoted in any reading about Differentiated Learning Strategies.  Why not take the challenge and review your own strategies for your lessons and determine if any of these five are in your repertoire.  Perhaps a student is not performing because they really do “already know it” and they are not being challenged daily.

Students have a right to be challenged; Teachers have a responsibility to challenge!


One response to “Challenging the Advanced or Gifted Student

  1. k brice

    October 23, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Great blog. Thanks for the help here. It gives me a new interest in teaching.


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