Are you willing to “Shake the Cage” in your school?

31 Oct

Welcome to all the new readers of this teachers’ blog In the Classroom!  If you received an email with this new post, you are successfully following the In My Classroom blog.  If you like it, tell other teachers in your school to check it out and subscribe as well.  We want to expand our community and start receiving comments from teachers within the schools.  Theory is only good when reflected upon and evaluated in the reality of the classroom.

Those who have been reading these posts know that I am an avid reader of a great blog called Whatedsaid.  Edna, the author, is a teacher and a learner.  She works in a school in Australia and the school is an IB school.  The premise for learning in the school is inquiry. 

It stresses learning and enjoying learning through discovery not just for tests.  It really excites me to see how an entire school can work together to develop learners.  In a way, many of the posts “shake my cage”.  As Edna describes in this post, to “shake the cage” is challenging a social system to provoke change.  If you have five minutes to treat yourself – click on the link and read the questions for teachers reflection.  It is my treat to each of you who are in the midst of the system!  I do hope you and your peers are willing to provoke change in your school and the Catholic schools of the city when it comes to developing learning. 

If you take time to read Edna’s post, let us know which question stimulates you to reflect and to say – right on!  Or maybe you take issue with something.  Let all of us hear from you.  Click on comment and give us your view.  (Comments come to me before they are posted, but they are posted very quickly!)

The question that really caused me to stop and think was the very first.  Are you a thinker?  I am going to ponder that and see if I think I evaluate a range of viewpoints or just mine.  Bring on those viewpoints. 

Happy reading and reflecting in between those lesson planning and paper correcting moments this Halloween and “shake some cages”!!


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