Beyond the walls of Education – or is it?

03 Nov

I sometimes like to visit sites that get me to think out of the walls of education.  I hope you do too!  It keeps us creative and in a sense it is the pause that refreshes.

Today I became a new visitor to Ted Talks.  It was a round about path from the ASCD email I had just received that led me to look at improving a power point presentation and then in a comment on that blog I saw Ted Talks.  My curiosity was tweaked and I then went to google it to check it out.

The first post I saw was about balloons in Bhutan!  A few clicks away was this presentation by Chip Conley.  It created balloons in my spirit and happiness too!  If you take some minutes for yourself to wind down or re-wind or refresh, do it to discover your gross happiness and look at the presentation. 

What makes your life worthwhile?  I believe that in this presentation there are many applicable concepts for educators – do we need to count only what counts?  Are there ways to count transformational changes?  In a Catholic school we say that we have something special – can this be part of our School Happiness that can be counted?

What do you say?


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