What does it mean to be educated?

21 Dec

We often question what it means to be educated in light of our students learning.  What should be presented, how do we incorporate 21st century learning, and so on.  Politicians and business leaders often have answers for us.  Many times these answers revolve around testing.  Is that how it can be determined?  What do you think?

Really, does standardized achievement tests indicate to us if a child is educated?  On any given day, if I were to take one of those tests I am not sure how well I would do.  Does that mean I am not educated?  I hope not!  Can’t we all forget or have a bad day?

OK.  How do we tell.  Watch this video and see how students themselves describe being educated.  This is from Australia and was posted on the blog whatedsaid.  For the end of the year or to start the new year try asking your students.  You may be surprised what the think.  The students in the video are 12 years old so you can use that as comparison depending on the age of your students.

Let’s share some of our own students answers with each other.


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