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Quadblogging anyone?

Have you considered Quadblogging?  It is a well developed system from an educator in England.  You and your class can request to be part of the quadblogging network and you will be added to a group of three other blogging classrooms.  It allows students to blog and receive comments from other students in schools around the world.  Students will work even harder to develop their class blog when they actually get hits from other students. 

Of course, the first step is to have a class blog.  Do you have a class blog for your class or course?  If you do, you are helping to develop the twenty-first century skills students in your class will need.  In order to help students learn these skills you need to be a 21st century learner as well.  Here are a few ways that teachers using a twitter educational feed have used a class blog.  Perhaps this summer you can hone your ideas and be ready to blog and Quadblog with your class.  Do your prep now and check out some great educational bloggers while you are at it.

Summer is a great time to form your own learning network – on-line, face-to-face, in class, or ????  Don’t let it slip by without doing something refreshing and learning a thing or two.  Explore the web and see what is available to you.  Develop your own blog and share your learning.  A great resource for a free or economical blog is WordPress.  It is a great way to get started.

You may even find a little time to comment and share your ideas here.


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Digital Curriculum – A Call for All by 2017

Are you creating your own Digital curriculum for your students are do you rely on a printed textbook?  Many teachers and or schools are beginning to develop a digital curriculum for students.  It is becoming a national movement with the Department of Education encouraging it with a deadline to be all digital by 2017. 

Are you aware of the movement?  What do you think about it?  Here is an article that describes a few district wide attempts.  This article also addresses the questions many have regarding how the curriculum is “tested” and seen as accurate and meeting requirements.

If you are creating some digital content for your students or if you have an opinion on this newest trend, add a comment.  Is this better for students, learning?  Can you make it by 2017, should you?


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