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Quadblogging anyone?

Have you considered Quadblogging?  It is a well developed system from an educator in England.  You and your class can request to be part of the quadblogging network and you will be added to a group of three other blogging classrooms.  It allows students to blog and receive comments from other students in schools around the world.  Students will work even harder to develop their class blog when they actually get hits from other students. 

Of course, the first step is to have a class blog.  Do you have a class blog for your class or course?  If you do, you are helping to develop the twenty-first century skills students in your class will need.  In order to help students learn these skills you need to be a 21st century learner as well.  Here are a few ways that teachers using a twitter educational feed have used a class blog.  Perhaps this summer you can hone your ideas and be ready to blog and Quadblog with your class.  Do your prep now and check out some great educational bloggers while you are at it.

Summer is a great time to form your own learning network – on-line, face-to-face, in class, or ????  Don’t let it slip by without doing something refreshing and learning a thing or two.  Explore the web and see what is available to you.  Develop your own blog and share your learning.  A great resource for a free or economical blog is WordPress.  It is a great way to get started.

You may even find a little time to comment and share your ideas here.


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Do you have an idea worth sharing?

Do you have a classroom idea worth sharing?  It might just win a grant or prize.  The We are Teachers website offers just that for teachers.  If you let us all know and we like your classroom idea we can cast our vote for you and your project.

This site is great for hands-on teachers who want and need new ideas and the simple technology or supplies to accomplish it.  The grants are not huge, but they might help you get that flip video recorder or a set of e-readers or …..  You need to check often because new grants are always listed.

Do yourself a favor and visit and subscribe to We are Teachers.


Do You Want Personalized Professional Development ?

In a previous post on this blog I gave some information regarding the METC (Missouri Ed Tech Conference) that will take place in February 2012.  Since many of you are full-time teachers at school during the day, you may not be able to attend.  However, there is something for you that is free, that’s right FREE that has 57 slots still open and it is on a weekend in February as a pre METC event.

All of you are welcome to attend and I believe it will be just what you want since the topics will come from the participants and the experts or information will come from the participants as well.  This event is called EdCamp.

It is a new concept that has only been done a few times, but it will be very good.  Sometimes we believe we need to have persons who are the “experts” be the only presenter.  However, this is an opportunity to learn from peers in a less formal atmosphere.  If you are a beginner, there will be others.  Often we say, I already knew that when we are listening – so get up and move somewhere else. 

I have heard that the topics at these PD days are never what helps me.  If you want to integrate technology into your lessons to be more effective, then reflect on what you need and attend this EdCamp and ask them.  Someone in the group will know how to help.  Even if the question is “How do I integrate technology when we have such limited resources or our internet is always down or we don’t have money for video conferences, etc, etc.  There has to be others out there that have already discovered some resources you can afford or that are free.

The challenge for every educator is learning from others.  We can’t be too proud to ask or too proud to share.  Remember those worksheets that used to be the way to engage a child – it was never a problem giving them free of charge to others.  “If you like it copy it!” was the often used phrase.  Now the phrase is “If you ask it, someone else has before you and here is their best answer, use it!” 

To be a teacher you must be a learner and a teacher of all!


Could you use a Flip Camera or an IPod?

If you have a good idea about engaging students in math, science, or any other subject, this is a website for you.  It is for teachers of all levels.  It is a teacher blog that has sponsors who offer prizes for your ideas. 

The applications are simple.  Write in a few sentences what you would do to engage students in the topic at hand.  There are a number of grants available with a deadline of October 25th and some with a November deadline.  Usually there are three or more a month.

Check it out and see how easy it could be.  I know that there are great teachers out there who could take 10 minutes to write out their idea and submit – it really is that simple!

For those Primary Teachers out there, there is a request for how you might use Leap Frog in your classroom to promote literacy.  If you win you get money, an IPod, and a classroom set of materials to implement it.  Does this tweak your interest?