Professional Development

Professional Development Day, November 2, 2012

A day long professional development opportunity for all teachers in the City Catholic elementary and middle schools will take place on November 2, 2012 at St. Mary High School on South Grand.

Jane Pollack will present and develop how teachers are able to incorporate the “9” strategies presented in the book Classroom Instruction That Works.  Teachers from St. Mary’s High will also share how they have usesd hese best practices in their classrooms. 

There will also be information on effective Professional Learning Teams.  An opportunity for any teacher to join a pilot  PLT that will be inter-school will be explained as well.

Cost is free, lunch is provided for a small fee.  We thank St. Mary’s High for assisting in making this opportunity available.

Teachers need to contact their principal to determine if they are able to attend.  Some schools are planning this for the entire staff and others are not.

Other News about opportunities for professional growth

It is important to improve and learn always.  Educators are life-long learners.  It is important to work on strategies, network with others, explore new ideas, and apply honed instructional techniques.  In the Twenty-first Century Classroom teachers and students are all learners.

Common Core State Standards are here to stay.  There are many resources for your personal updating so you can begin to integrate them into your planning.  Click on the page for Common Core News.


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