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Don’t Replace Teachers to Spend More on Technology

I recently read a quick read from CNNN regarding the importance of a good teacher on the success of a student. The premise did not surprise me at all. If you have been involved in the art of educating a child for long, you know that truth from experience.

The article I refer to was written by Wendy Kopp founder of Teach for America. In the article, Wendy emphasizes that technology needs to be of high quality and used for instruction.  She also encourages its use in blending learning in order to enhance the skill learning of students; but she contends that the personal experience with an effective teacher is necessary for success.  I like to think of it as the personal touch, the inspiration and push to greatness!

Enjoy the read and encourage yourself if you teach and give a pat on the back to all teachers you know.  Of course the key is effective teachers – be the best you are called to be!!!


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Let your students learn with a global focus

Let your students learn with a global focus by bringing the world into the classroom.  Any age student will benefit from visiting with and learning from experts around the world or students in a classroom far away or around the corner.  It doesn’t take a field trip to bring adventure and learning from a place away.

As a help to all teachers, SKYPE has provided a resource that you can use.  SKYPE in the classroom provides ideas and a place to learn from others.  Visit the website and see for yourself.  There is a great informational video describing the use of Skype and students visiting with an elephant care taker.  Quite enjoyable and a fun-filled 3 minutes.

Our students need to know about the world and function in a world that is much bigger than their neighborhood or city or country.  Many say the world is becoming “flat” because of our ability to interact with all parts of it through technology and travel.  Our challenge is to spur on their interest and creativity so their learning continues to help them be 21st century citizens and beyond.

Your students will be able to name questions they want to explore with their global partners if you give them a chance.  A few examples on the link include:  do other countries have the tooth fairy, how do potatoes grow, what season is it in your part of the world, etc.


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Virtual Conference for Educators

A great Virtual Conference is on-line at the METC link presented by Cooperating School Districts and the Virtual Learning Center.  I just listened to the first keynote address that is archived there – “Can you hear me Now?”  It presents a challenging message.  How have we developed our technological tools for the classroom of today?  The beginning of the presentation includes an introduction about METC and ISTE.  These are interesting to anyone who is unfamiliar with the International School Technology group.  For those who don’t want that information, just move forward a bit and get to the real presentation.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who was in the classroom on the 14th and 15th of February and unable to attend this local state-wide conference.  Like most of us, we can’t always attend great conferences so now do it for free and just give a little time. 

Maybe next year some of you will be a presenter!

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